Montreal : the Paris of North America

Montreal, the second largest city in Canada is often referred to as the Paris of North America. This reputation is well-deserved : after Paris, it is the 2nd largest French speaking city in the Western world. Cafes, galleries, boutiques are lined in its streets, and you are greeted with a warm bonjour. Montreal has resisted the anglophone pressure and was able to maintained its own culture.

The core of the city is easy to navigate, as most of the streets run parallel and perpendicular, according to cardinal directions. Montreal metro system is a safe and efficient way of transportation, and it’s simplicity of use makes it a great way for outsiders to get around the city.

Bienvenue à Montreal! This island is home to 1.6 million residents (over than 3.6 million if you include the suburban neighbourhoods). 

These inhabitant are from more than 80 countries, and together they form a diverse community, as vibrant as it is unique. You most probably have heard about the “joie de vivre” of Quebeckers – this reputation was not exaggerated : you will find it in the summertime coffee and wine sippers cramming sidewalk terraces as well as in the hundreds of people reuniting each week on the city’s famous mountain, the Mount Royal, which rises 264 meters (866 feet) and is easily recognizable by it’s huge illuminated cross shining through the night. The same joyful spirit can be felt when hockey fanatics at the Bell Centre or in each bar doted with a TV screen, hearing screams and cheers in unison with every Montreal Canadiens goal. 

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