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I love flowers of all types. Their colorful view just brings my spirit up; it never fails! “Thinking of you“, “Just wanted to make you smile“, any reason is good to send this gorgeous and perfumed attention to a special someone.

It is very easy and only takes a few minutes to make it happen:
1. Click on the website link and make your choice within their online catalogue
2  a. Email Matthieu Vincent providing your contact number and the best time to call you (do not send your credit card info through email!)
    b. Call Matthieu directly at the number above
3. Simply mention the flowers are for Stéphanie de Montreal. He will take care of the rest, with courtesy and absolute discretion.

Within 48hrs, I will be admiring these beautiful flowers in my bedroom, and will be gratefully thinking of you each time 😉

Amazon wishlist

I admit to often get myself some cool things here! A dashing bicycle helmet, some yoga accessories, a sexy nightdress, a new gadget for my home… each gift from this list feels like a Christmas present (which is why I keep this list duly updated)

Holt Renfrew

Definitely my favorite store in town. The designers, the gorgeous accessories, mmmm. It is paradise for women. There are hundreds of styles and gift ideas to spoil your favorite partner in crime. Not sure what to get? A gift certificate is guaranteed to be a winner for every occasion.

My ultimate item

Finally, there is a special item that have desired for a very long time. I was hoping to get it myself, but I am loosing hope it will ever happen. This unattainable dream is a Birkin Hermes handbag – in black, tan or any neutral color; a classic item which lasts an entire lifetime!


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