Frequently Asked Questions

The meaning of this term varies from one person to another, so I cannot answer by yes or no. I specialize in providing discreet intimate encounters to quality gentlemen.

My biggest reward is to know the time we spend together meets your expectations, and I definitely love to have a good time. But I have to set limits so I can feel physically safe and mentally comfortable.

Most gentlemen understand and share my preferences, as they are aware of the possible repercussions. Yes, it is possible to have a wonderful experience and still wake up the next day without a single worry.

But there are others who are looking for more "open minded" escorts, which is a riskier type of experience. There are plenty of providers offering liberal escort services; but keep in mind that, if they offer it to you, they most likely offer it to ALL the people they meet.

Peace of mind and safety are important to me and if you choose to take risks with yours, that is your own decision... but I might not be the right courtesan for you.

I arrange rendezvous through email only, but I can assure you that I always respond promptly (within 24h).

There is no problem with trying to arrange a "last minute" encounter, but the sooner you contact me, the more chances we have to be able to get together.

I will need to know your full name (unsigned messages do not inspire trust), the date, time and duration of the desired rendezvous, as well as the location (downtown, Montreal airport or Laval).

A small introduction including details such as your age (I meet only gentlemen of +40), your occupation and city of residence is always appreciated.

Also, feel free to ask any question left unanswered by the content my website. The more precise you are, the easier and faster it will be to set up our rendezvous.

By choice, I do not meet with many people. It is not only due to the fact that I have another occupation, but also because I do believe in quality over quantity; being selective is how I can insure an enjoyable time for the both of us. If I have any doubts about our compatibility or if you are looking for something that I cannot give you satisfaction for, I will respectfully decline the invitation.

My preference is towards gallant, easy-going men who are looking for a leisurely, stress-free, sensual experience with an elegant and educated professional companion. Again, with no strings-attached.

Being in my late thirties, I am comfortable in the company of gentlemen of at least 40 years old (my sincere apologies to younger gentlemen, this is not negotiable).

Privacy and discretion are very important to me. I am not affiliated with an agency and all exchanges are kept between you and I. Please ensure to use a private email account which only you can access. If you have privacy concerns, feel free to let me know.

Sorry : as fun as it sounds, I enjoy providing one-on-one dates with gentlemen only.

I totally understand that it can be a little nerve racking for first timers or people who do not "date" frequently. Making a bashful gentleman quickly comfortable is actually one of my best quality as a professional companion.

Many gentlemen who have had limited or no experience with escort services have contacted me; I take it as a big compliment. And I admit, they are often the most memorable encounters, we have such a good time! So don't let your inexperience stop you from contacting me. You won't regret it 😉

My main issue with the concept of review boards is that every encounter is different and cannot be compared to another, and what one is looking for is not necessarily what someone else is.

It is also important to underline that reviews are 100% anonymous; therefore anyone can write anything about anybody. Yes sadly, there are people with way too much time on their hands!

Finally, lack of credibility aside, an encounter is meant to be discreet, intimate and personal, and I would like to keep it this way.  

I have experience with social gatherings such as business dinners, galas and other similar events. But please, keep in mind that I have no acting skills, so no complicated fictional scenarios!

Gifts are just like tipping: always appreciated but not expected or required. But since you asked. 😉

- I just love flowers of any kind, so it would be my first choice. click here to see how simple it is to send this thoughtful attention

- Dark chocolates (plain or with nuts) are my favorite sweets

- I am a true fanatic of jewellery: yellow gold, pearls, etc. Classic designs.

Finally, there are special items that have been on my wish list for a very long time. I was hoping to get them myself, but unfortunately, with my never ending projects and adventures, I am loosing hope it will ever happen. They are:

- A Hermes handbag (classic item, which lasts forever)

- An elegant tennis bracelet

- A set of black pearls: bracelet, earrings, necklace (either very long or very short)

I quickly and properly reply to each serious message. Besides being time consuming, phone conversations take away an important and fun part of the date: getting to know each other.

Also, my experience is that, those who insist on using this form of communication just want to chat, flirt and ask personal details... with absolutely no intention of arranging a rendezvous.

For these reasons, I'm afraid I do not communicate by phone. I provide all the necessary information in my website, and if you still have unanswered questions, I will gladly and quickly answer it through email.

I sincerely apologize to gentlemen who have no intention of abusing the situation and I thank you for your understanding.

Yes, I love to travel internationally and visit new & exciting places! The private invitation can be for a getaway weekend, a business trip or a full week of pleasure and relaxation.

A deposit & transportation fee must be provided in advance, simply to ensure that I won't have any bad surprises once I arrive at destination. Just contact me if you need more information.  

As a professional escort of impeccable reputation, I get the chance to meet companions from all across the world. Since meeting in Montreal is not always possible for everyone, a private invitation is simply a way to meet a gentleman in the city of his choice.

These arrangements are increasingly popular, as many do not want to take the risk of making arrangements with someone they do not know or fully trust. They simply do not let distance ruin the opportunity of getting together. And why should they?

Depending on where the encounter would take place, a minimum duration of rendezvous is required.

A transportation fee (i.e. cost of flight + ground transportation + consideration of time spent traveling) will also be added to the original donation amount. Just be in touch if you need more details.

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