How to assess the accuracy of an escort pictures gallery

Pictures displayed in escorts’ websites have always been a sensible topic. Do they really represent the escort in question? How about accuracy; have they been intensively modified? How can we be certain it is the “real” person who will show up?

Pictures: real or fake?

These questions are absolutely pertinent and the concern they reflect is a wise reaction. Because it is a fact that many websites are advertising ladies using fake pictures. And they are quite easy to obtain: a simple Google search for “sexy picture” will lead to thousands and thousands of images to choose from. So how can you tell if the escort gallery of the courtesan you are interested in is in fact authentic?

Photo shoot

Attention to a few details will do the trick. First, ask yourself if the pictures look too good to be true. A quality photo shoot is very expensive: you need to hire the services of professionals such as a hair and makeup artist, a stylist, a photographer, rent a large hotel suite (because of the need for adequate space for proper lightning). If an escort is advertising low rates while displaying top-model pictures… something is definitely wrong.


Secondly, the diversity of pictures will also be informative: can you see different clothing styles? Different backgrounds? Be aware of escorts who only present limited pictures, using the same outfit or background. A scam website can be build in one evening, with very little investment.


Finally, observe the pictures and try to detect something particular about the model, and then try to find it in her other pictures. It can be a jewel, a tattoo, a beauty mark, or simply something general such as her hands, her bone structure, her smile which you can identify from one picture to another. In order to practice, go to my escort gallery and try to find my own particularities (yes, there are a few 😉

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