How to assess the accuracy of an escort pictures gallery

Pictures displayed in escorts’ websites have always been a sensible topic. Do they really represent the escort in question? How about accuracy, have they been modified intensively? How can we be certain it is the “real” person who will show up?

These questions are perfectly pertinent and the concern they reflect is a wise reaction. Because it is a fact that many websites are indeed advertising ladies using fake pictures. They are quite easy to obtain : a simple Google search for “sexy pictures” will lead to thousands and thousands of pictures to choose from. So how can you tell if the escort gallery is in fact authentic?

Attention to a few details will do the trick. First, ask yourself if the pictures look too good to be true. A quality photo-shoot is very expensive: you need to hire the services of professionals such as a hair and makeup artist, a stylist, a photographer, rent a large hotel suite (because the photographer needs adequate space for lightning). If an escort is advertising low rates while displaying top-model pictures… something is definitely wrong.

Secondly, the diversity of pictures will also be informative : can you see different styles? Different backgrounds? Be aware of escorts who only present limited pictures, using the same outfit or background.

Finally, observe the pictures and try to detect something particular about the model, which can be found on each picture. It can be a jewel, a tattoo, a beauty mark, or simply something from her body in general (i.e. her hands, her bone structure, her smile) which you can identify from one picture to another. In order to practice, go to my escort gallery and try to find my own personal particularities, the clues which identify me on almost all my pictures (yes, there are 😉

Different situations in which you can use a Montreal escort

Why Use a Escort service? Courtesan for dates in Montreal

Escort services offer a variety of companionship, from someone to talk with to having an intimate encounter. The women who are working as courtesans are making a living at their profession, just like women who have other occupation. So in this regard, yes, they are doing it for the money. But that’s just their occupation. When you hire a financial adviser, he or she is doing it for income too, despite their passion for the investment industry. The adviser might be your friend or he/she may enjoy working with you because you’re a good customer. The same kind of relationship can be established with your courtesan. If you become a “regular,” you will get to know each other and mutually know what you like — and you will enjoy it more.


Like any other profession, I like to think most of the women who work as courtesans enjoy their work. Although the situation varies from one escort to another – and from client to client – there are a lot of women who do this because they really enjoy intimate encounters. But some customers are better appreciated than others; this article will assist you in how to appeal to escorts and make them look forward to meeting you. And no, you don’t have to have the prettiest attributes or be in top shape to please a courtesan. All you have to do is know how to treat a woman right.


In public, I often hear that paying for a relationship is losers who can’t get a date otherwise. Let’s be clear on one thing : there are a number of advantages that are worth considering.


A lot of men have an issue about having to “pay for it”. This is an artificial barrier because there’s nothing wrong with paying for intimate encounters — and there are a lot of advantages doing so. Paying for it doesn’t make you any less of a man. In fact, if you have never tried meeting an escort before, you’ll find the experience probably quite different than what you’ve been led to think it would be.

Free intimate encounters aren’t really as free as you would like to believe. In order to get a woman to have an intimate moment with you, you have to find a lady who is available and attracted to you, before taking her out, spending considerable amounts of money in restaurants, gifts, activities, while trying to convince her to go to bed with you. For most men, this takes a lot of time and effort. Most people have busy lives. Their work schedule, business travellings, children custody arrangement are all factors which affects the possibilities of meeting someone.

If you go after a one-night stand, then you’re having intimate encounters with a stranger, just as you would with an escort. The difference is the next morning… then what? Will she leave or will she expect more out of that night? What if she regrets her actions and builds resentment towards you; would she cause troubles in your personal life or at your work place?

If you start a relationship, you are bound to run into one of big problem: you both have to want it at the same time. You can’t just get it when you want it. And eventually, if you have repeated sexual encounters with the same person, you will have to deal with “where is this relationship going” and establish where you stand on your intention to keep this relationship monogamous and eventually, real commitment. There is the question of dealing with her friends, her family, her religion, her spending habits, her television preferences, her moods, her shrink, her astrologer, her dealing with your friends and family, and trying to adjust to each others grooming habits, musical tastes, money, property, children, pets, ex-lovers, jealousy, anger… all this when all you really wanted was just to have an occasional fun, sexual intimate encounter. Ok, a bit extreme in term of example, but you get the idea.

So hiring a courtesan is a much simpler way to have an intimate, stress-free rendezvous, when you want it and without worrying about the next morning. You can tell courtesans personal secrets that you’d never tell your closest friends.

But what if you are looking for a permanent relationship. You’re lonely and you want that special someone to settle down with so you can have kids and live happily ever after. The problem is that you haven’t had an intimate encounter in so long that when you go out on a date, you can’t control yourself and you finish the sexual encounter too quickly. This messes things up, you get rejected, and you’re just that much more love-starved and depressed the next time. Women are attracted to men who are confident and they are turned-off by those who are sexually needy. That’s why when you need an intimate encounter the most, women don’t want to be with you. An escort can help break this cycle. You experience a few intimate encounters, feel better about yourself, and when you go out on a date you don’t feel you *must* have a sexual encounter, and when you do have one, you can take your time and enjoy. Without the need and the performance anxiety, the relationship can freely develop and have a better chance of lasting. And the fact that you may have learned a few tricks in the mean time and made you a better lover will definitely be on the plus side.

When you’re with a courtesan, you’re going to experience an intimate encounter. You don’t have to worry about “if” because that’s not an issue. It is about right here, right now, nothing more. You don’t have to deal with all the other stuff because that’s not part of the package. And being with a courtesan doesn’t mean that you have to give up free encounters or pursuing a relationship. In fact, being with a courtesan may boost your confidence and well-being so much that you will become more attractive to women, enhancing your chance to find true love, if this is what you’re looking for.

Courtesans can help you sharpen your intimate skills. Many escorts have learned and can teach you intimate techniques. They are open to answering questions about women most people won’t discuss. So go ahead: ask!

Once you get over the “paying for it” barrier, you’ll realize that what you get is intimate encounters with a woman who is a lot better at it than most people, without the complications of free encounters.

Being with a courtesan isn’t the same as “true love,” but then again, being in a long-term monogamous relationship is not necessarily what everyone wants. And if you do want it, but simply haven’t found the one yet, a professional courtesan will be the perfect companion until you do find her.

Mistakes to avoid when hiring Montreal escorts

Are you looking for company for a cocktail or for a dinner date while in Montreal? A professional companion is definitely an appealing option. There are two ways of finding your Montreal escorts. You can use an escort agency or you can hire a Montreal independent escort. Here are a few tips to help you find the right lady companion.

Montreal escorts agencies

Montreal Escorts StephanieEscort agencies will have a database of various female escorts. When you contact them, they will try to match your requirements with Montreal escorts available at that particular moment. The question is, how high are the chances of you being treated to the type of lady you are looking for?

Let’s consider this : about half of the donation goes to the escort, while the rest goes to the agency (who is responsible for paying the driver, the receptionist, the advertisement and all other charges related to running the agency). Because of these fixed costs, pressure to sale is definitely present at all time. For this reason, agencies are focusing on any potential client, even if it means distorting the truth a little (or a lot) about the escorts’ description. You might think this is short sighted, as disgruntled clients would not contact this agency again… it’s true. But consider many customers are just transit visitors to Montreal, and also that most agencies are operating under several identities, therefore making it difficult to know with who you are actually dealing with. So this practice is not about to be stopped, unfortunately.

Don’t be afraid to decline a lady if she does not correspond to what you’ve asked. Escort agencies are counting on this discomfort of yours. And the lack of resistance to this dishonest practice only incites them to continue. One way to handle it is to inform the escort she doesn’t correspond to what you have asked the agency, give her a couple twenties for her trouble (she’ll be happy and will most likely leave without insisting), and close the door. The agency will surely call to inquire about what happened. You are the one who decide if you are willing to give them a second chance or not. If they become remotely aggressive, hang up and ask the front desk to not connect any calls to your room. If someone comes to your door (such as a driver), do not open and if necessary, inform the front desk someone is disrupting in the hall. Although I doubt it would come to this, since in my experience, agencies give up when the person do not respond to the door or the phone.

You are afraid of trouble? It is perfectly understandable. However, keep in mind that the agencies are a LOT more afraid of authorities and being identified as trouble makers. Their entire business relies on being able to operate freely. Indeed, Montreal is one of the most liberal city in North America, and police officers tolerate what happens between two consenting adults, as long as you stay away from underage providers, drug users, providers who are coerced into working, brothels (including massage parlours) and direct solicitation, such as picking up a street prostitute. But if there are complaints about an agency threatening or causing trouble to the public, you can be certain they will act promptly and go straight to the agency, reminding them about the fine line they are walking on.

Also, in the event of disruption in their establishment, an hotel will ban an escort agency. They do so by spotting the driver’s car or the girls upon their arrival. This will make future bookings at this location extremely difficult for the agency. So, although escort agencies could threat to cause trouble because you have refused the escort they sent, you can be certain they won’t; they have too much to loose for so little in return.

Independent escorts

Many gentlemen choose to contact an independent escort in Montreal. There are several reasons for this preference. Being independent already display an entrepreneurial side of their personality, which makes them appealing to many. Also, since they are the sole recipients of the donation, they can arrange a much smaller number of gallant rendezvous. They are also not obliged or pressured by anyone to accept dates they do not want. These conditions increase the chances to meet a quality provider.

Another way to help identify a quality provider is the lady’s presentation itself. It will give you an opportunity to know more about who she is as a person and as an escort services provider.

First, the courtesan’s website itself : is the website well build? Its content clear and informative? What type of pictures does she offers on her site : are they elegant and professional or are they vulgar and amateur?

It is very easy for any provider to declare herself as being « upscale » and « classy ». After all, these are just words. But does her website reflect such characteristics? How about her communication skills : can she write in a polite and educated manner? Does she do escorting full-time or does she have other interests? If you are not looking for company but simply a quickie, then a basic escort offering short duration dates will do the trick (pun intended 😉 But if you are looking for a refine and sensual dinner date or for some mental stimulation from your date, then look for a more mature and sophisticated escort who knows how to handle herself. Don’t forget, you will be seen with her in public; embarrassment is not an option. While the voluptuous triple-F playmate with 6-inches heels and a tight dress can be quite exciting in the discretion of your room, you might not be comfortable with the level of attention she will draw on you the moment you step outside. So make your choice accordingly to the type of rendezvous you are looking for.

These were examples on how to guide your choice while selecting the perfect Montreal escort for your desire.

Review Boards

The so called «Review boards» are unfortunately not reliable. They began as a great idea, a way for gentlemen to be made aware of scams perpetrated within the industry, such as fake websites, thieves, etc. But things quickly deteriorated, and these sites are now the meeting place of hobbyists (i.e. frequent escort users), who’s thrill consist on providing very graphic details of their rendezvous on the Web and inviting others to comment on the girl’s sexual performance.

To make matters worst, these websites reward reviewers on the number of reviews they post. They also have strict guidelines which require writers to provide juicy details, otherwise the review will not posted.

Boards are anonymous, therefore anyone can write anything about anybody. All escorts have «reviews» which are entirely made up, but are unable to do anything about it, unless ready to become a writer herself on these boards, wasting time demonstrating the review is a fake and be confronted to hundreds of «hobbyists», ready to jump into a juicy discussion.

Tips for selecting your Montreal escorts

Montreal escorts

There are many escorts in Canada and the U.SA. A quick look in local newspapers and the internet and you will see hundreds of providers claiming to be the best one for your desires.

The words ” VIP “, “ Upscale ” and “ Exclusive ” are unfortunately being overused. This has created much confusion and disappointment to discerning gentlemen looking for a professional companion.

Different men are looking for different things. Therefore, it is essential for you to know the type of lady and the kind of experience you are looking for. This is the best start to prevent disappointment and waste of money on experiences you will not enjoy… which is definitely not the point of these type of arrangement!

There are ways to differentiate an authentic Courtesan versus a common Escort.

An elite courtesan will not accept just any proposition; she will have criteria about the gentlemen she accepts to meet. She will not have an agenda filled with rendezvous, leaving her without any time left to pursue other interests, such as education, sport or hobbies, all of which are essential to her mental and physical wellness. You might be able to see from her website or after a few exchanges with her if she corresponds to this description. Be aware of escorts offering “last minute” or “on call” availability, short duration rendezvous or an extensive list of services provided. A provider who is into quantity is not a courtesan, period.

Also a true courtesan is highly educated, mature, at ease in any social settings and above all, very discreet. She is able to handle any subject of conversation and she keeps herself well-informed about international events. She will treat her body and mind with the respect it deserves. This is a confident lady who understands she has a lot to give. But most of all, she knows her place as a professional companion, and is always careful to act in the best interest of her partner. She has a selected high profile clientele which she never talks about, and she keeps herself exclusive to those fitting her selection criteria, unwilling to compromise.

If you are looking for more specific tips, please visit the other pages of this Blog, such as:

Montreal : the Paris of North America

Montreal, the second largest city in Canada is often referred to as the Paris of North America. This reputation is well-deserved : after Paris, it is the 2nd largest French speaking city in the Western world. Cafes, galleries, boutiques are lined in its streets, and you are greeted with a warm bonjour. Montreal has resisted the anglophone pressure and was able to maintained its own culture.

The core of the city is easy to navigate, as most of the streets run parallel and perpendicular, according to cardinal directions. Montreal metro system is a safe and efficient way of transportation, and it’s simplicity of use makes it a great way for outsiders to get around the city.

Bienvenue à Montreal! This island is home to 1.6 million residents (over than 3.6 million if you include the suburban neighbourhoods). 

These inhabitant are from more than 80 countries, and together they form a diverse community, as vibrant as it is unique. You most probably have heard about the “joie de vivre” of Quebeckers – this reputation was not exaggerated : you will find it in the summertime coffee and wine sippers cramming sidewalk terraces as well as in the hundreds of people reuniting each week on the city’s famous mountain, the Mount Royal, which rises 264 meters (866 feet) and is easily recognizable by it’s huge illuminated cross shining through the night. The same joyful spirit can be felt when hockey fanatics at the Bell Centre or in each bar doted with a TV screen, hearing screams and cheers in unison with every Montreal Canadiens goal. 

Courtesan for discerning gentlemen

Who is Miss Stephanie de Montreal…

I am a mature and discreet professional companion, who has become one of the most respected courtesan in North America.

As a VIP Montreal escort, I am proud to have acquire an impeccable reputation not only in Canada, but also internationally. As an educated and feminine woman, I excel in providing discreet affairs to gentlemen looking for the right combination of class and sex-appeal. I can arrange multiple-hours rendezvous such as dinner dates, overnights or weekend getaways.

I carefully select the gentlemen I meet, thus only accept a limited amount of invitations. This is how I can guarantee a high quality moment to my companions. For further information, I invite you to read the content of my website, especially the FAQ section. Afterwards, if you have questions left unanswered, do not hesitate to send me an email and I will be glad to respond.

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